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We operate on the basis of

given to us by the Ministry of the Interior and Administration

license no.B-064/2020.

About us

Having run our business for nearly 30 years, we move freely around the world. We have always proudly represented our company, the hometown of Szczecin, the region and our country. We are fully aware of the responsibility for all our activities and are professionally prepared for them. Our experience gives us the conviction that we can contribute tangibly to increasing the export of goods produced by Polish companies.


We are also aware that it is a long-term process, sometimes several years, requiring commitment and persistence on our part. We see opportunities and possibilities not only for ourselves, but most importantly - for the entire defense industry. Through such activities and cooperation, we can lift this very important branch of the economy, making it thoroughly profitable. For this, we need not only sales on the internal market, but also broadly understood exports, which must then operate a number of competent intermediaries. We have something to offer to the world, but it requires effective lobbying, promotion and sales.


Our attempts to appear in the arms industry take place with full energy and will to act effectively. Giving them a specific dynamics, we conduct a series of talks and meetings with selected manufacturers, while preparing for participation in the next arms fair: IDEX International Trade Fair and Conference of the Defense Industry in Abu Dhabi, in the United Arab Emirates, MSPO Kielce and immediately after that London DSEI EXEL .


It is our active way to appear in the minds of potential customers and prove ourselves as a reliable partner in this very demanding market. Therefore, we are ready to get to know the offer of companies interested in cooperation with us as much as possible, in order to be able to present it in the best possible way during trade talks and meetings. Our role would be to initiate such contacts and lead to further talks at the working and decision-making level directly with the target client. At the same time, we want the approval of the most important institutions and enterprises for our professional activity and the nature of the actions taken to establish direct contacts between producers and potential buyers.


As you can see, thanks to professionalism and professional experience, we can try to help you effectively appear in the international arena, using our strategy and effective pursuit of the goal of lucrative serious business.


A clearly defined concept of functioning in such a demanding market, with full coordination of activities with the company and institutions responsible for this sector, and the clarity of the priorities adopted and a real assessment of our capabilities, give us a good chance of success for the benefit of our company, for the producers themselves , for the economy and the country.

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