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BASZTA DEFENSE headquarters

We are a Polish trading company operating on the domestic and international market of arms and high-class specialist equipment and services for the Armed Forces, Police, Border Guard and other uniformed services and special units of many countries around the world. We work with renowned Polish and global producers having full authorization to offer their high-quality products. Polish technical thought, equipment and military equipment of Polish production is our basic offer.


We believe in the Polish defense industry and its effective promotion.


A clearly defined concept of functioning in such a demanding market, with full coordination of activities with companies and institutions responsible for this sector,

and at the same time the clarity of the priorities taken and a real assessment of your capabilities,

give us a good chance of success for the benefit of our company, the producers themselves, the economy and the country.


                                                                             Yours faithfully

                                                                          Piotr Droński

                                                                          President of BASZTA DEFENSE


'' Thanks to professionalism and experience in our industry,

we help to effectively appear on the international arena, using our strategy and effective pursuit of the goal of lucrative serious business. ''

                                      Piotr Droński

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